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Internationally known nature photographer, artist, author and speaker, Connie Bransilver, has photographed on all seven continents. She brings images and inspirational prose to audiences seeking clarity, passion, and purpose. Wild Love Affair: Essence of Florida ’s Native Orchids, and Florida ’s Unsung Wilderness: The Swamps, offer personal and spiritual explorations of wilderness. She is published widely in local, national and international books and magazines, and she has appeared on numerous television and radio shows. Her fine-art prints hang in institutions and private collections throughout the world, but above all she captures the emotion of nature and brings it to viewers, readers and listeners.

Episode 205 of National Geographic's Wild Chronicles features the discovery of and subsequent research on a new species of Sifaka lemur discovered deep in the eastern rainforest of Madagascar . Aired on PBS and distributed nationally by WLIW New York, this segment features both video and still images by photographer Connie Bransilver www.ConnieBransilver.com of the work to identify, understand, and ultimately save this amazingly beautiful new species.

Bransilver has photographed in Madagascar for over 15 years and in the course of that work with the Duke University Lemur Center and with National Geographic, she and Dr. Ken Glander, then Director of the Center, discovered the new species. Since the discovery in 1999, Dr. Mitchell Irwin and his team have studied the animal, its habitat and have made a significant positive impact on the sparse human population of the area. Bransilver and the Glander and Irwin team, working collaboratively with several major organizations, and with World Bank funding, expect to have the whole region declared a national park/preservation area by President Ravalomanana within the year. Bransilver has photographed all phases of this study since its discovery, and with Bransilver as Field Producer, National Geographic's Wild Chronicles will present some of this work.

Connie has led photo expeditions in other parts of the world, but this is the first where she will share her love of her favorite place in the world, her beloved Madagascar .

Connie is a fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers

NANPA President 2001-2
VP, ICF Pro-Tour of Nature Photography
ILCP Fellow - Charter Member & Exec Cmte
Explorers Club Fellow (FN'96)

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